The Best Blog Post I’ve Ever Seen!

Both this very short post and this video are simply amazing. It may be the best thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet:


5 Responses to “The Best Blog Post I’ve Ever Seen!”

  1. Vicki Copeland Says:

    The kids and I all watched this. Too good! Thanks for sharing it with us. Vicki

  2. Allen D Says:

    Ba-humbug! Next!

  3. Joe B Says:

    Et tu Brutus!! J.B.

  4. Paul Says:


    We just started a 2-man business named HB Ventures and would love to have the url It looks like you have that url leading to your blog. Is that something you would be open to letting us have?


    Paul Horstmeier

  5. Keith Lowe Says:

    Paul, email me at

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