In a recent Bible study someone said “I’m uncomfortable with that”, referring to a couple of verses that we were discussing.

I stopped the conversation and asked him to define “uncomfortable”. I did that because I’ve heard that sentiment expressed many times by people who don’t like what the Bible is telling them. They are usually able to ignore it with some combination of subject changing and rationalization.

But that’s not what this person meant. He meant that he was uncomfortable that he wasn’t able to be more sure of exactly what the Bible meant in those two verses. Basically he didn’t care one way or another what it said – he would accept that as God’s word and try to live according to it. The problem was that he just wasn’t 100% sure what exactly it did say.

To me that attitude seems just exactly right on. It says “I’m going to do whatever God says, and my only task is to figure out what that is.” There is no “that doesn’t feel right” or “I don’t understand why God would/wouldn’t want that.” Simply, “I’ll work to obey what He says.”

Think about how hard it is to submit that totally to God!


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