Attitude, Part 2

I listened to a sermon a while back that just annoyed me no end.

I was sitting there, thinking that surely there was something more important to be talking about, silently disagreeing with the whole thing. Well, maybe not disagreeing as much as just not liking it.

I don’t want to have that attitude, so I’ve thought a lot about why I had such a reaction. Was it not following the Scripture? No, I think it was Biblically sound. Did it not apply to me? No, it did. Was it something that I was doing, and was unhappy that someone would have the audacity to preach was wrong? Not really, upon reflection I think I do fairly well on this subject.

So why the negative reaction? Maybe it was my pride telling me that I’m too good to need to hear a message like this. Maybe it was Satan whispering in my ear that I don’t need to worry about the little things – just “love God and my neighbor” and the details of daily life don’t matter. Maybe it was me comparing myself to this or that person and thinking about just how much better I’m doing in this or that area.

A friend recently said that we’ve got to get over the attitude that when we find our behavior in conflict with the Bible, it is an indication that we found something wrong in the Bible, not that we’ve found something wrong in us.

And let’s define “wrong” here. By that he meant “incorrect, or in need of work”.

What is the point of the word of God? Isn’t it intended to show the faithful how to be more like God? And aren’t people who are interested in being more like God likely to see those places where God seems to want some trivial behavior, or whatever, as being red flags for our attitudes? Maybe those are just pointing out places where we need special effort to bring our attitudes and behavior into conformance with His view of things.

I learned a lot from my (mostly internal) experience with this sermon. I’ve got to get more on board with the choice of whether I want to follow God, or my own feelings (when they conflict – I think the ultimate goal is to change myself to the point that there is no conflict). And perhaps more to the point here, to be welcoming, not resentful, of any Biblically sound instruction.


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