The Point of Truth

I think we all come to a point of truth in our lives. That is when we decide whether we really want to know what God expects of us. And whether we are going to follow him or not.

I can understand an honest atheist. If you’ve examined the evidence and conclude that religion is all a bunch of made up nonsense, that’s fine. I think you are wrong but I respect your decision. If you don’t believe in hell, then you certainly shouldn’t worry about it.

It is the lukewarm “Christian” I can’t understand. The person who believes the Bible is true, but don’t follow it (and seems to seldom even read it). Who seems to agree that there is indeed a God in heaven, and perhaps a devil in hell, but are content to occasionally go to church but not look too deeply into what all this means. Who pray when they need help, but go about their business the rest of the time.

I mean, either this stuff is true or it isn’t. Being half way true really doesn’t make a lot of sense. If it isn’t true, then don’t worry. But if you think it is true, then shouldn’t you take it seriously?

How does one break out of this state of being? Honestly I’m not sure. I spent most of my life as a resident of that state, and only in the past few years struggled out of it. Why did I decide that what I was doing wasn’t enough? That I was mouthing the words but not living the life? I just don’t know. I can’t remember turning right instead of left. I can’t remember explicitly choosing God over Satan. I can’t remember what made me sit up and realize that I wasn’t really a Christian (though I was pretending to be one), and much more importantly, start taking action to change that.

While I can’t remember exactly when I changed my path, I can think of two things that influenced me.

The first is my reading of the Bible. C.S. Lewis said that the Bible is an education in itself, and I believe that’s true. Read it often (and sincerely) enough, and it will change you. It is hard to explain how (here’s one attempt), but I very much believe it has worked for me.

The second is that for years I’ve prayed for God to show me his will. To help me see what I should do and to have the courage to do it. I think he answered it by guiding me – by helping me turn right instead of left, but helping me see more clearly what is right and what is wrong. By giving me the desire and ability to start toward Him.

That seems pretty simple doesn’t it? Read the Bible and pray for help. Over and over.

If you feel lost, that something is missing, that you aren’t on the right path, just do those two things (and if you aren’t sure how to get started with either of them, email me – I’d be thrilled to do what I can to help you – and you might be surprised to find out just how many people will line up to do the same). Be patient and do this for as long as it takes – days, months, years. Keep doing it and wherever you are, whatever kind of person you may be, God will answer you. He may do it in his own time, but he’ll definitely do it. He’s promised that, and he doesn’t break his promises.


One Response to “The Point of Truth”

  1. Tony Dye Says:

    I love your plan — read the Bible and pray. Why do we try to complicate things so often? This is great. Thanks for publishing your thoughts. TD

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