Part 2: Must You Go to Church on Wednesday Night?

More on not trying to do, but to become. [Note: your church may not have a Wednesday night service – that’s OK because that’s not really my point.]

I have a preacher friend who says he’s often been challenged to “show me where the Bible says I’ll go to Hell if I don’t go to church on Wednesday night!”

I love his answer: “I think it would be easier to show you how you’ll go to Hell if you don’t want to go to church on Wednesday night.”

If you are focused on “doing”, you might just try to make yourself go. The problem with that is that anything that relies on constant willpower will eventually fail. What if instead you were focused on “becoming”…becoming the kind of person who loves God so much he never wants to miss a chance to worship and be in fellowship with other Christians. (I’m not talking about the occasional time where you just feel down or sick – I’m talking about your usual state of being.)

Which would you rather be: the person who sighs and drags himself out of his chair and forces himself to go church on Wednesday or the one to can’t wait to get there?

Which do you think God would rather you be?


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