Do You Always Feel Close to God?

Think back to the time you felt closest to God. Maybe it was right after (or when) you were baptized, maybe during a gospel meeting or revival, or maybe just one day at home during prayer.

Do you feel that way every day? Of course not!

We all have our good and bad days. Sometimes we feel like we’re on top of the world and other times like everything is going wrong. We feel close to God one day and far away from Him another.

When you feel far away from God, remember that it is you who has moved, not Him! My friend Mike Carstensen once put it so clearly: “No matter how far you walk away from God, just turn around and He’s only one step away.”

When I’m feeling apart from God – when I find it hard to pray or read the Bible or just be nice – I just keep trying. Maybe today I don’t read as long, or pray as effectively, or treat people as well as I’d like. But I just do the best I can, and wait for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is almost always better.


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