Followup to "What is the Purpose of Your Church?"

I wrote an article the other day that may have seemed a little “holier than thou”. I look back on it and realize that you might have taken it as “if your church isn’t exactly like mine, you are wrong.” I hope it didn’t come across that way, but if it did please accept my apologies. Regardless, allow me to expand and perhaps clarify what I was trying to say:

While I may have significant differences with someone’s theology, that’s not what I’m talking about, and the people I was criticizing there aren’t those who disagree with me.

If you read the Bible and decide it says something, and you are trying to live by that, I say fantastic! Maybe I think you are wrong, but hey, maybe I’m the one in error. I’m willing to be that, and if I am, I hope you will love me enough to try to show me (and that I’ll love you enough to listen). If we both have that attitude, perhaps together we can come to the real truth!

My problem is with people who just don’t try. Who are irrational and content to stay that way. People who say “Yeah, I know the Bible says that, but…” or say “I don’t know why God wouldn’t want me to do this.”

To those people I’d say this: read the whole Bible and tell me what importance God places on obedience. If you honestly conclude that the answer is “not much”, then you probably shouldn’t be listening to me!


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