If God wanted to say something to you…

If God wanted to tell you something, how would he do it? How would he communicate with you?

Would he put a burning feeling in your heart? Would you “just know”? Would he speak to you with an audible voice? Would you just feel very strongly that you should do something? Would he tell you via the Bible?

For the sake of this post, let’s assume it is the Bible.

I heard an interesting question in a debate recently. One person was arguing that the Bible forbade a particular thing and the other person that it was permitted. The interesting question from the first person was this: “If God wanted to declare this as wrong, how else would he state it?” His point was if you don’t think that’s clear, what words would convince you?

I thought that was a terrific question, with lots of interesting applications. Try it yourself – the next time you are reading the Bible pick a subject and ask yourself “if God wanted to permit or forbid or require this, what words would he use?”


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