Teeny Tiny Changes

One of the biggest problems we face in trying to improve ourselves is that we want big changes, and we want them now! Whether it is losing weight or learning something new – whatever your goal – it is hard to keep doing the things that will eventually get us to our goal. The feedback loop is just too long for us to gut through.

The only way to do this is to have a goal clearly in mind (I’m going to lose 20 pounds), decide on the things that will get you there (cut back on the 800 calorie desserts, exercise 3 times per week, etc.), understand that if you do those things consistently and for enough time, you’ll eventually get there – then don’t give up. You probably won’t see a difference the first week. Only a slight one the second week, etc. But if you have faith that you are right about the things that will get you there, you just have to “turn the handle”.

The problem is that turning the handle is really hard. We don’t see results quickly enough and we get discouraged and give up. We often sabotage our efforts with negative thinking, and really, just don’t believe we can do it.

Henry Ford said “Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right” and I believe that to the very core of my being. If you will combine that belief with the Japanese proverb “Fall seven times, stand up eight” you will lose the weight, learn the subject, or achieve any goal.

You have to know that the feedback loop is there, that you’ll eventually get to the point where you see the changes your efforts have produced, and then it will get a bit easier. But until then, you have to have faith in yourself, faith in your plan, and believe that if you keep pushing, the results will come.


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