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Netflix for Audio CDs

October 31, 2007

I recently ran across something I’ve been waiting for my whole life! I think it popped up in the little ads that run across the top of my gmail screen. It is called On the Go Books, and is basically Netflix for audio CDs. It works just like Netfilx – you pay a monthly fee, select a list of audio books, they send you one, you listen for as long as you like, then return it in the postage-paid mailer. This is going to save me a fortune in audio book purchases!


I’m back!

October 30, 2007

I initially started this blog in 2004 to share what I was learning about God. In the 3 or 4 years prior to that I had started down the path toward salvation and by the time I started to post God had become (and still is) the most important thing in my life. As you may have found, that last is an easy thing to say, but hard to live up to. I had all these ideas about sharing things I had started to discover, and hopefully encouraging others to move down the path as well.

What I found was that after a while I ran out of things to say. Or, more to the point, I ran out of confidence that 1) I knew a lot about God and 2) that it was only a matter of time until I pretty much had it down. Not to put too fine a point on it, but boy was I wrong! I finally started to realize that the more you know, the more you understand just how little you know. I didn’t feel qualified to teach anyone much of anything so I just didn’t post anything.

Recently I’ve been drawn toward taking up this blog again. I’ve started to use Google Reader and find that’s such a great way to process information. I’ve started reading, and been inspired by, friend’s blogs (like Tony’s). I’ve realized that it is easier to sometimes post shorter thoughts than only longer articles that have to be written and edited over time. And I recently listened to this audio book, which got me fired up to post.

I’ve also decided to expand the content of this blog a bit. I’ve always been into self-improvement, listening to audio tapes/CDs in my car, reading self-help books, trying to amass and apply as much information as I could. As Christians we have to live in the real world, and I think everything we do should revolve around God. So I want this blog to not be a series of academic articles about God, but also about the challenges of living, working (in my case, running a business), worshiping, and struggling as a Christian.

So here I am. Some of you may be reading this because you know me and I emailed you to announce it. Others may have stumbled upon it. In any case, I hope you stay with me over time. I hope you share your comments. But mostly I hope I can think of enough stuff to write. (-: